No matter how big or small the task is, we know how to find a perfect jugaad for the problem. However, some people can fail anyone with their power of jugaad. Well, almost everyone think that he/she is the best jugaadu in the world, if you think you are the best jugaadu in the world, here, we bring you some hilarious pictures of jugaadus that will surely change your mind.Have a look:

1. Car’s AC not working? No problem :

2. Don’t worry about the lock now :

3. Perfect solution to beat the heat :

4. You can fix t.v with the help of a tape :

5. The best phone stand ever ? :

6. All thanks to the trends, you can wear torn shoes like this as well :

7. Safety comes first :

8. You can’t think deeper than this :

9. This phone case is made out of fevicol :

10. Well the father of all jugaads :

11.Lol, this one is epic :

12. You can use mouse for phone :

13. How is this even possible ? :

14. Shit, who did this? :

15. You can use fork, in case you run out of comb :

16. The perfect handle :

17. This is epic :

18. What will you say after this ?:

19. Gosh! look at the poor door :

20. Newspapers are the most useful thing to be ever made :

21. In case of car injury, use band-aid :

22. And it’s done :

23. lol, amazing :

24. Khatron ke khilaadi? :

25. The easiest way? :

26. This one is great:

Well, we hope you had a good laugh. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.